Billabong Rio Pro gets Nat Young of Santa Cruz

Nat Young of Santa Cruz moved ahead into the quarter finals of Billabong Rio Pro on the 11th of May 2014. In his last segment he won the 4th round which was a dense ride in the barrel and fetched 8.17. Brazilian and South African – Adriano de Souza and Travis Loege were defeated by Nat Young.

Further advancement has been made by Bede Durbridge from Australia and Jordy Smith of South Africa.  Nat Young is ranked 9th in the World Cup Tournament and has 10,950 points. He won his 4th round heat with a total of 15.34 points while the waves counting were recorded as 7. 17 with 8. 17 respectively.

Nat young got hold of the tube rides in both his rides in which he scored. Nat Young revealed that he got hold of barrels which were decent and he is himself very pleased with his performance and is getting better every day as pointed out by him.

However, another great competitor De Souza who is ranked 6th by the WCT gave a stiff competition to Nat Young, giving his hometown fans something to cheer about. But Nat Young rose to the lead while the judges were taking time in posting the scores. His prize includes a week of Croatia Bareboat charter.

Nat Young is relieved that he does not have to prepare for the 5th round. He was judged by the WCT 2013 as a Rookie in that year. He is relieved to be in the quarterfinals. He won his 3rd round by defeating Australia’s Mitch Crew. Over all it has been a brilliant performance by Nat Young and he has already provided his hometown fans with something to cherish by his top notch performances in all the rounds and finally leading himself up to the quarter finals.

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Sitka Gear and Ardica Technologies

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Olympic Glory Getting Tougher

If Aussie female triathletes are looking forward to have their own athlete on upcoming Rio Olympic podium in 2016, they need to go through tremendous hard work for the next sixteen months.

The Australian world triathletes could not come up with any spectacular result in World Triathlon Series that was hosted at Gold Coast & the championship winner Gwen Jorgensen from America made the challenge tougher for them- leading a medal sweep for America. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sitka Jacket

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Sitka Gear: The Choke Pack from Sitka Hunting Gear

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2011 Sitka Incinerator Muff

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Atlanta company reveals wearable fitness devices at Las Vegas expo

A series of wearable fitness sets was shown at International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this week. Well, just in time when people are making their ‘get-healthy’ New Year’s resolutions. A lot of media houses attended the event and spoke to an Atlanta based company which is working to make a dent in the increasing fitness technology market.

Consumer Electronics Association unveiled their United States Consumer Electronics Sales & Forecast report in the show that said that activity and fitness trackers are anticipated will surpass US$ 1.8 billion in revenue in the United States this year – which is a twenty-one percent increase than last year. Read the rest of this entry »

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Harbor Mountain Run

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Arcata Community Forest Entrance

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Sitka School District’s Design & Fabrication Lab

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